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Our Features

Project Collaboration

Enable effective sharing of project-related information between dispersed members of the construction team, often through a platform.

Work Phase Planning

Foremost phase in project development life cycle involves creating of a set of plans to help guide your team through the execution and closure phases of the project.

Realtime Monitoring

You can quickly access information and make more accurate and informed decisions. Gain complete visibility and control of your projects in real time.

Multi-Discipline Design

The strength and versatility of our agile teams combined with our extensive network of relationships give us access to the best talent.


Dashboard allows you to view your entire workforce in near real time, and help improve your mobile strategy.


Determine not just the best route between two points but the best order to complete the day’s work orders.

Fast customized Reporting

Turn regular forms into electronic ones that technicians can complete on the go. Automated reporting can save time and give you quicker access to your data.

Excel import and Export

Most of the forms contain import and export functionalities. This is useful if we analyze data or use it for another purpose and for exchanging information.

Post implementation Support

The implementation of the solution would include the installation of the application when the requirements has been met. Training to the users shall be provided for using the application.


Baseline Services

Document Control

Documents are the lifeblood of a construction project. When a project requires document sharing and revision between different organizations, it’s critical that documents be managed uniformly through all phases of the project. Automatic electronic systems for document control can be used that will automatically name, create revisions and versions, track, archive, retrieve and share documents.

RFI and Transmittals

Correspondence can be achieved easily through baseline. Create manage and track RFIs, submittals from our easy to use, user friendly construction software. The RFI and transmittals are fully integrated to your contacts on the job,subcontractors and the job itself.


It is pivotal throughout the entire project during both design and construction phases. Successful procurement is also dependent on project managers using reliable strategies to meet the objectives of the client’s business plan.

Productivity tracking

Using progress measurement techniques we can estimate the actual progress of the construction job.

Work packaging

The most important sub module in progress measurement is work packages. A work package is a quantitative and qualitative description of a set of tasks to be carried out in the project. You can create a work package according to your needs using a WBS element .Project progress is primarily calculated using cost code and work package.

Equipment Management

All the equipment and construction tools used in that project. We can add a document by giving equipment id and name. If maintained is checked for an equipment, then only service can be added. In detail view maintenance specification, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, maintenance records and documents can be seen. Maintenance specification shows the specifications of the equipment and completed services in maintained records. If the equipment has any document reference it can be shown under documents tab.

Maintenance Logs

Equipment related services are included in this. All the services which need to be finished (due and overdue services) are added in the maintenance planner. After adding completed date the record will be removed from this and goes to maintenance records.

Cost Control

Cost code and work packages associated here to achieve project progress. There are certain standards to be followed in cost management.


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